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Jim Ridl Promo
Jazz Improvisation and Theory 1

With Jim Ridl: The Jazz Improvisation and Theory 1 workshop is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists who have the desire to improvise. From the piano chair, Iʼll gladly share with you my knowledge and experience as an improviser from the perspective of sideman, leader, composer, and arranger. The concept I emphasize is to first […]

The New York Jazz Workshop Big Band
New York Jazz Workshop Big Band SUNDAYS

About: The New York Jazz Workshop is excited to announce its new New York Jazz Workshop Big Band under the direction of Ron Horton. As an arranger, Ron has worked with such jazz artists as Andrew Hill, groups such as the Jazz Composers Collective and co-leads a tentet with drummer Tim Horner. He will expose […]

Kenny Wessel's Guitar Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble TUESDAYS

With KENNY WESSEL This Guitar Ensemble will work with 4-5 guitarists playing arrangements for guitar. We will focus on important musical skills: playing as a section, blending, phrasing, time feel, soloing, comping, improvisation, in addition to working on a weak point for many guitarists, sight-reading. Charts include arrangements of jazz standards and other repertoire. It’s […]

Funk Fusion Workshop WEDNESDAYS

With ANDREA VENEZIANI: Jazz has no limitations, and it can’t be defined by a single artist or era. This Funk Fusion Workshop is tailored for musicians who want to explore and embrace the repertoire of the many great Funk-Fusion bands that further enriched the history of jazz in the 1970’s and 80’s. Garnering inspiration and guidance […]

Yaala Ballin
Vocal Workshop – Intermediate Level. THURSDAYS

With YAALA BALLIN: This course offers an introduction to the world of jazz singing. The class covers subjects such as repertoire, interpretation, improvisation, band leading and involves intense listening to a variety of jazz recordings. The class format includes group interaction as well as individual work. Intermediate level.  On Hold Fee: 4 classes $180.00, includes a […]

Fay Victor
Jazz Vocal Workshop THURSDAYS

Jazz Vocal Workshop with FAY VICTOR: This is a Jazz Vocal Workshop for intermediate to advanced singers who would like to improve their vocal skills with a true professional. Ben Ratliff of the New York Times calls Victor “artistically complete.” Fay Victor hypnotizes audiences, whether she sings a blues, sculpts a free piece, reinvents a Herbie […]

Blues to Jazz Standards. FRIDAYS

With TIM PRICE: Are you unsure about what scales to play when you see a chord symbol?  Would you like to work on your rhythm?  Would you like to know how to learn a tune effectively?  Would you like to expand your repertoire?  Do you want to improve your improvisation skills?  If you answered yes to […]

New York Jazz Workshop Woodwind Ensemble
NYJW Woodwind Ensemble SATURDAYS

About The New York Jazz Workshop is proud to announce the formation of the NYJW Woodwind Ensemble taught by John Sergenian, Bart Platteau, and Marc Mommaas. The core of the Woodwind Ensemble will be a saxophone quartet but we do except as alternatives trumpet, flute, bassoon, clarinet, french horn, baritone horn and trombone. The Woodwind Ensemble […]

Olivia Foschi while teaching
Let’s Sing – Beginner Level. WEDNESDAYS

With OLIVIA FOSCHI: Is your singing limited to the shower or a karaoke bar? Learn some real vocal skills and techniques while singing a selection of great songs with a group of like-minded individuals. Olivia Fosch is a fantastic vocal teacher who will put you on the right track. This workshop will provide you with […]

NYJW: Jazz Standards Workshop.
Jazz Standards Workshop. SATURDAYS

With KENNY WESSEL: If you are looking to expand your jazz repertoire and grow as a musician, this is the workshop for you.  The Jazz Standards workshop is a great place for musicians to learn the language of jazz in an ensemble setting.  This class will focus on the blues form and the AABA form, […]

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