Create the perfect learning experience by combining one or more summer intensive with private lessons.  Take out $25 for each additional Intensive you reserve.

July 19: SaxophoneTBA1 Days225195
July 20-23: Jazz ImprovisationMarc Mommaas, Mark Sherman, Tony Moreno4 Days645595
July 24: Notation with FInale & SibelliusTBA1 Day225195
July 25: Arranging IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
July 26: Composition IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
July 27-30: Jazz GuitarVic Juris, Kenny Wessel4 Days645595
July 31-Aug 2: Piano/Keyboards IntensiveAmina Figarova, Frank Kimbrough, Jacob Sacks3 Days545495
August. 3-6: Vocal for BeginnersOlivia Foschi4 Days645595
August 8-10: Vocal – Intermediate/advancedJocelyn Medina3 Days545495
August 11-14: Vocal – Intermediate/AdvancedFay Victor4 Days645595
August 15-17: Drums and Percussion IntensiveAri Hoenig, Dan Weiss, Tony Moreno3 Days545495
Aug. 17-20: Brazilian workshopTBA4 Days645595
Aug 21: Composition IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
Aug 22: Arranging IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
Aug 23: Saxophone IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
Aug 24-27: Jazz Improv IntensiveTBA4 Days645595
Aug. 28: Notation IntensiveTBA1 Day225195
Aug. 29-30: Guitar IntensiveTBA2 Days385345