Summer Jazz Series 2017

Study jazz music in New York City, the jazz capital of the world! See for yourself how the New York Jazz Workshop has provided the highest quality summer intensive programs and jazz camps since 2008.

New York Jazz Workshop Series
New York Jazz Intensives Workshop Summer 2017 – General Information
Welcome to the New York Jazz Workshop 9th annual Jazz Summer Intensive. Since 2009 the New York Jazz Workshop has been providing excellence in Jazz education. If you are a musician and/or a singer looking to improve your musicianship, this is the right place. The New York Jazz Workshop’s 9th Jazz Intensive Summer series is going to be an incredible experience for both participants and teachers alike. Our program has been built on the wealth of knowledge that we […]
Saxophone Summer Intensive – New York Jazz Workshop July 19th
About the Saxophone Intensive Bring your horn to the New York Jazz Workshop this summer! We are thrilled to present this special one-day intensive for saxophonists. This program is open to students of any type of saxophone. Syllabus to be posted soon. Topics: -Ear training, -Sound. -Technique and warm up routines / maintenance. -Voice leading and melodic development. -Creative practicing. -Organizing your practicing routine. -Improvisation principles, intervallic movements and melodic interpretation. -Sight reading. -Rhythmic developments. -Play – Play […]
Jazz Improvisation Intensive in New York
New York Jazz Workshop – Improvisation, Composition Intensive 20th-23th July 11am to 5pm
Learn the art of improvisation & Composition in our Summer Intensive Workshop – Jazz Improvisation & Composition with New York Jazz Workshop faculty members Marc Mommaas, Mark Sherman and, Tony Moreno. About the Jazz Improvisation & Composition Summer Program Marc Mommaas, Mark Sherman, and Tony Moreno are three jazz masters who have led this workshop in conservatories around the world, and have impeccably perfected the key components to teaching improvisation. This workshop on improvisation and composition  covers […]
Arranging Workshop, New York
Arranging Techniques – New York Jazz Workshop – July 25th
About the Jazz Arranging Techniques Program This one-day intensive is perfect for learning about how to arrange compositions for jazz ensembles big and small! Students will study and create work using the essential techniques required for jazz arranging such as proper notation, melodic alteration, reharmonization, and orchestration from small group to mid-sized jazz ensemble. Basic principles for big band arranging will be addressed as well. The work of historically important jazz arrangers will be studied (via recordings […]
Jazz Music Composition Workshop – New York, July 26
About the Jazz Music Composition Program Learn to write your own music! In this exciting 1-day intensive, students will learn about the process of creating original jazz compositions. By analyzing works from the jazz repertoire, participants will gain new incites into the roles of melody, harmony, improvisation, and form within a variety of compositions. Students will walk away inspired and encouraged to apply these techniques to their own compositions. Emphasis will also be placed on the “writing process” and […]
Clinic Guitar Intensive in New york
Guitar Intensive New York – Summer Clinic July 27-30 11am to 5pm
This summer clinic guitar intensive is led by two of the world’s leading jazz guitar voices. About The Clinic Guitar Program Vic Juris, who teaches at the New School, has recorded and collaborated with jazz legends and has authored several educational guitar books. Kenny Wessel has played with the Ornette Coleman band for over 10 years. He is part of the NYJW faculty and tours the world with various groups. Along with special guest, Marc […]
Piano & Keyboard Workshop in New york
Piano / Keyboard Intensive – Jazz Workshop – July 31 Aug 1-2
We are very excited to introduce our three-day Piano – Keyboard Intensive as part of our Summer 2017 series.  About the Piano / Keyboard Intensive Program Immerse yourself in this special three-day summer intensive taught by three extraordinary pianists: Frank Kimbrough, Amina Figarova, and Jacob Sacks. Each day will be led by a different faculty member offering their unique perspective on comping, soloing, technique, and much more. Syllabus to be posted soon. Topics: -Ear training -Technique […]
Vocal Jazz, Olivia Foschi
Vocal Intensive for Beginners – Summer Jazz Workshop. August 3-6th 11am to 5pm
The Summer Workshop – Vocal Intensive for Beginners will allow you to learn what it takes to be a professional jazz vocalist. About the Vocal Intensive Jazz Program This summer jazz workshop focuses on a variety of important vocal techniques. Renowned singer, Olivia Foschi helps students develop and enjoy their unique singing voice. Participants will also get a chance to share the stage with Olivia during a live performance at the Lexington Hotel or another venue. This is your opportunity […]
Vocal Jazz, Jocelyn Medina, New York
Vocal Intensive Intermediate/Intermediate/Advanced- Summer Workshop. August 7-9th
We are very excited to introduce to you our three-day intensives as part of our Summer 2017 series.  About the Vocal Intensive Intermediate Program Designed for singers of intermediate level (with some previous performance experience and/or vocal and musical studies), participants learn the fundamentals of healthy, functional vocal technique and their specific applications when singing jazz and other contemporary and improvisational styles of music. Based on the principles of Jeannette LoVetri’s Somatic Voicework™, Jocelyn’s methods of vocal pedagogy address technical […]
Vocal Jazz, Fay Victor, New York
Vocal Intensive Advanced – Summer Jazz Workshop. August 10-13th 11am to 5pm
Expand your voice. This summer vocal intensive is an opportunity for vocalists to improve their skills under the guidance of a true professional. About the Vocal Intensive Advanced Jazz Program The workshop is led by the multi-talented and accomplished, Fay Victor, who focuses on topics such as vocal styling, phrasing, ear training, rhythmic diversity, improvisation, vocal health, diction and more. Participants will also get a chance to share the stage with Fay during a live performance […]
Jazz Drums, Jazz Percussion, Ari Hoenig, Tony Moreno, Dan Weiss
Drums & Percussion Intensive – Summer Jazz Workshop. August 14-16th
We are very excited to introduce to you our three-day intensives as part of our Summer 2017 series.  About the Drums & Percussion Intensive Program Explore rhythm, time, and drums in this special three-day summer intensive! The Drums & Percussion Intensive will be taught by three masters of rhythm, including Ari Hoenig, Tony Moreno and Dan Weiss. Each day will be led by a different faculty member offering their unique perspectives on rhythm, technique, and more. Syllabus to […]
Brazilian Jazz Workshop
Brazilian Music Intensive Jazz Workshop – Aug. 17-20
Brazilian Music Intensive from August 17 to August 20th with Vitor Goncalvez and Vanderlei Pereira, Get hip to the sound and rhythms of Brazil. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of Brazilians styles, such as Bossa Nova, Samba, Partido Alto, Choro, Baião, Xote, Frevo, Maracatu and Ijexá. About the Brazilian Music Summer Intensive Musicians will have a chance to develop their skills on playing these styles, accompanying, improvising, and phrasing using the appropriate patterns, […]
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